Top 10 Movie Fart Scenes

I want you to hit me as hard as you can hey everybody. This is Jason Dean with the Joe Blow movie Network. Sometimes you have to let an episode speak for itself. Instead of listening to me jabber on this is one of those times check out our list of our favorite top 10 movie, fart scenes, let's, let them rip here we go Charlie. Did you fart Ramon? Did you fart?

How can you stand there? If all mind it? How can you stand sign doing nothing for him? Whoa? Do it for me?

I'm, sorry, Shawn that's. All right? No, no. I'm sorry, Shawn I was still doing it when you're still laughing. Well. Anyway, today, I just stick to realistic.

You know what the market these days if you want anything but lions, you want a popcorn fart Oh. Somebody steps in a doctor. So let's do this. You know, you guys are hired you're in. You know, unless you're like the weirdest guys ever, and I don't. See it great was that a fart I, don't know, I can taste it.

Well to be honest with you, I've been trying to go legit, I, really take my sumo wrestling seriously, You know, but when you're an overweight child in a society that demands perfection, when your sense of right wrong fair and unfair will always be tragically scared. Did you just sell yourself? Maybe it did sound a little wet didn't. It right? The end lets's have a smell all right, ooh, often wafting or everyone likes it on brand don't. This is magic.

Well, what do you expect? They're, Canadian, , your uncle yesterday. Second oz being at this portion of between, American goodwill tour, I think I do remember. Hearing something on TV about colon cleansing, they say you talk between the cracker your head help you fought to your folder.

So there's, our favorite top 10 movie, fart scenes, tell us down below which one is your favorite I'm, Jason Dean with the Joe Blow movie Network. And thanks for watching.