The Supreme Court Won't Reinstate Bill Cosby's Conviction & His Haters Are Big Mad!

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Now, listen to this. They just apparently just can't. Let Bill Cosby live in peace. They just keep coming and coming and coming.

Okay. So they say, U.S., supreme court nix's bid to reinstate bill, Cosby's conviction. So Bill Cosby, avoided, renewed, legal jeopardy on Monday, when the U.S. supreme court declined to hear a bid by prosecutors to undo last year's ruling in Pennsylvania, which overturned the 84-year-old actors, comedian of the 84-year-old actor and. Comedian's, 2018 sexual assault conviction they're, trying to get this man, put right back in prison and there's.

The thing he should never have been there in the first place because they know they had no business prosecuting him after the previous prosecutor told him that he would not prosecute. And so this was all just a farce in the beginning. And so now these people keep trying to act as though there was some kind of technicality as to why he got off. But there was no technicality. It was an injustice. Because you should never have been tried, and therefore he would never have even been convicted.

So they need to get over it. Now, the justice let's stand the decision by a divided, Pennsylvania, supreme court that Cosby should never have faced the charges because a previous local district attorney had promised publicly in 2005, not to prosecute him and here's the thing I'm. So glad that that prosecutor, uh, said that publicly because Heidi just said to Bill Cosby and his attorney, who knows what kind of.

Con games they may have tried to pull. So they go on to say Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to eight three to ten years in prison, following his conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assaults for drugging and molesting. Andrea constant, a former employee of his alma mater, temple university at his home in 2004. He was the first celebrity to be convicted of sexual abuse. Since the hashtag metro movement began exposing sexual misconduct among powerful men in Hollywood and beyond, uh.

So. Anyway, like I said, honey, they are trying to put this man right back in prison, but it's, not going to work it absolutely isn't. So they say his attorneys argued on appeal that Montgomery County district attorney. Kevin Steele should not have charged Cosby in 2015. In the constant case because Bruce castor who previously held the job had declined to file criminal charges and issued a press release announcing his decision.

Still on Monday said, appealing, the supreme court in a bid. Um, he appealed. The supreme. Court in a bid to reinstate, the conviction was the right thing to do. This is what he said on money. It was the right thing to do. And he expressed his appreciation to constant.

He said, all crime victims deserve to be heard, uh treated with respect and to be supported through their day. In court. I wish her the best as she moves forward in her life. Yes, just move on with your life lady.

Move on with your life. This man is 84 years old, he's, probably I do believe legally blind. I mean, what more does she does you. Want and didn't, they get settlement checks. I mean, they just don't quit.

So anyway, they go on to say, Cosby's attorney. Jennifer bonging, uh said, although we are relieved to say to have, uh, this saga behind us. It is not the least bit surprising that the supreme court denied, the district attorney's appeal, calling its patently frivolous.

Now, the earlier refusal to prosecute meant that Cosby could not avoid testifying in a civil case, uh that constant had brought against him, which led to a multi-million. Dollar settlement honey, you got millions of dollars, and you're still going after this man like make it all make sense. And I don't believe her anyway, that's just me. Now, this testimony in which Cosby acknowledged giving sedatives to women played a role in steel's criminal case against him. Yes, he did acknowledge and admit that he gave them sentences, but did he admit that he gave it to them unbeknownst to them?

But no he did not. And their lies are very important parts of the information. Because people said, oh, during the dis, the uh deposition that he admitted that he gave them these drugs and this that the third, yeah, he did say that he gave it to them, but let us not forget that back in the day. People used to take these things they used to get hired together and do all sorts of things. Okay. And Bill Cosby said, yes, he did purchase it for them, but he never said that he gave it to them against their will, and I'm just curious that if he did do these things that they accused him of why. Were they still hanging out with this man coming to visit him borrowing money from him getting him to, you know, uh, be their reference on jobs and things like that.

It just makes no sense. And I just don't believe it. Okay, just don't. I so anyway, to go on to say, the testimony in which Cosby acknowledged giving sentences to the women, uh that played a role in steel's criminal case against him. Now, the Pennsylvania supreme court in june 2021 ruled that the prosecution was fundamentally unfair, because.

Cosby had relied on caster's promise to his detriment and violation of Cosby's right to due process of law under the United States Constitution. And that is when the constitution used to mean a little something because now clearly it doesn't. So in appealing to the US, supreme court still said that the state's courts. The state court's, generous precedent, wrongfully transformed a bear press release into an effective immunity that has paved the road for thousands of other defendants to raise this. Issue and to seek similar windfalls. Now, Cosby's first trial ended with a hung jury in 2017 when jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on his culpability.

He was convicted at a second trial after the judge let prosecutors call it call as witnesses. Five prior accusers far more than in the first trial. Prosecutors argued that Cosby's assault of constant was a well Hurst rehearsed offense that had honed over decades or saying that he had honed it over decades. Well, here's the thing they can say. That he had honed over his defense over decades, but these women could have concocted their stories and had time to come up with their stories over decades. Did they not? Why did they say anything about that?

And the fact that they allowed women who had nothing to do with the trial get up there and testify? Well, isn't that prejudicial I'm just sorry, you know, sometimes they don't even allow those things to occur in courtroom, because they prejudice the jury against the person. Another thing is when he. Had a mistrial in 2017, they were so thirsty that they wanted another trial. Well, here's, the thing you're supposed to be able to prove someone's guilty to be on the shadow of a doubt right in a criminal case. So if you can't prove that with one trial, I don't think it's fact that you get a second chance. I just don't if that's the if that's the case you can just keep going and going and going right make it all make sense.

But so anyway, prosecutors ACLU I'm, sorry. Prosecutors argued that Cosby's assault of. Constant was well rehearsed, and he had honed it over decades, befriending, younger women and acting as a mentor only to sexually assault them, often with the assistance of drugs. Yeah, okay. So anyway, like I said, I never believed it. I never believed it and really to be honest, um, I just don't see why someone would wait so long, and then let us not forget.

What that model said that she was offered money to set Bill Cosby up. She said, not once but twice and the second time they offered her twice. The amount. That they offered the first time. Luckily, she turned it down, but they still found a way to get him. And now that they got him, they still are trying to get him again.

After the man has been let out of prison, because those charges should never have been brought anyway. That's just also nefarious honey, but they love to bring a good black bed down. They love to try to smear your, you know, your legacy your name all of that to make you out to be something nefarious. Bill Cosby has such a good wholesome. Reputation he was known as America's dad, and they just couldn't have that right, and they couldn't have him out there trying to have positive.

Empowering television shows for black people. And the fact that he didn't want black comedians using the n-word, well, they couldn't have that either, because they want you to say, the n-word. And I want you to talk about drugs and crack and prostitution and gangs and violence. Right? I want you to talk about these things.

And I want shows that depict these images. And these things and these type of people in situations, but when Bill Cosby was trying to buy NBC, so he could put up wholesome shows like the Cosby show right and like a different world, but they just couldn't have any of that. So they had to smut put smear on his name dirt on his name to be smudged, his character, that's, just all. I've said, that's, what I absolutely think and Felicia. Richard, remember she spoke out for Bill Cosby now, she's a well-respected and well-known actress do you all think that. She really would have risked her own reputation for someone who she thought was actually guilty I'm just saying. So anyway, with that all being said, everyone, please like and share subscribe to the channel.

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