The Roblox Pet Simulator X Experience

Okay, okay. Okay. Why did pet simulator? X have almost won. It was there what's up. Excuse me, avocado puffed up. Nice glass.

Can you please explain my pixie paper expo was their update what happened? What is the update are their new pet, how much bull buck must I spell any time shall I use star codes? Excuse me, hey, excuse me. French fry, hi. Do you know why pet simulator?

X almost get me. I saw something about countdown. What no update were there. Some pet, I think you must get your pet look kind of boring. What. No you can't have my head.

Yes, yes. I know my pet is best. I said, no, no. My pet is best let alone pro.

I will give you a pet are you trying to use that you will let me get my pet. Your pet look ugly. I want to be nice. This look like cotton candy cry. And you know what your pet has small mouth. Okay.

Thanks. What trade me that is not compliment noob. I know, I just said, your pet, a small muscle. You are not going to defend your pet, no, because I am better than you, you wear puffer jacket to make it look like, oh, Stop dog you're, not better than me.

My pet will destroy IOUs. This pet simulator, x update is for you get new pet do not be jealous of what does your hat stand for the leaderboard. I do not speak.

Spanish. Come. I show you how good my pet do not be jealous as well.

Follow me do not touch anything? Do you see this coin? Right here?

Watch and learn noob? Do you see this? My pet just absolutely wrecked?

See mine? What does yoga? You cannot even break the coin disappear, because it does not want to see your pet. Cannot eat coin. You spend all the Bob feet that cannot destroy kook. Fine, wait. What I notice around your neck, you are missing something I have question for you.

Do you like fashion? Yes, do you like muscles? Do you like?

Flex? Wait, I am not done. No, you have no manners' noob.

I am trying to change your life more than pet simulator. Eliminate. He just ran away like a little scared nude. I was trying to show him fashion. Oh, wow. And he left game. Okay, okay.

It is time to investigate what is English? What is that. Out there, wait, what is that a golden box? Wait, wait, wait is this free present. Wait, wait, wait. Wait is this part of the update this better be better present than Elon Musk tesla that he owe me for climb moon at one time that little Mumbai will not forget this thing. Wait?

What is that my reward? What is this? I do not know why? But this reminds me of how you know, okay, okay.

I will see what this is. Oh, I just got 13 coin. OMG did I just beat game already, excuse me, I'm, sorry to interrupt. But I must flex on.You have 13 coins what excuse me, a cow, noob is going to eat grass instead of coin again. Okay, okay.

I have big bow buck. So I get more egg after all here's his investment game. Yes, noob. Do I look like farmer? Why do I get all of these animals I'm, not from I'm pro? Okay. Does this game?

Think I why do I have chicken now I'm not going to be making scramble excuse me? Why do I keep getting farm animal? How do I get lollipop color like you is this cheapest pet in game? What an update creator says, subs up. Here is pet simulator. XR game transform into some farm game.

Excuse me. Do you want free? Pets? Nick, nick, I'm, trying to give you free, pets for free I'm, giving billions pets a billion power pets to people with one power. Excuse me, did I hear free? Pets, sir, where are you? I must speak to you.

Wait. I have another reward two. Oh, I have 50 coin.

Now lol. Look at me, I will just walk to the end low before I even get to end. I get two new gifts. This guy is so generous thing, OMG 80 coin.

No sweat, wait. I can. Upgrade my pet this game is amazing. I can even do oil change on my chicken, dressed up, my pets have big muscle.

Now, oh look, small bow, buck noob. Let me talk to him and explain how to play game. Sir, excuse me. Tub bubble gum. Puff, dope. How are you doing nice to meet you?

Let me help you sup's up new update in pet simulator. There is no need to eat core just spend Burbank and open free reward. This is the best update are you happy? Oh, yes. Yes.

This is upgrades. We even do oil change on our chicken. Yes, yes. I know. You are shocked so did every other game when Roblox crash noob, my border, head door, opening opposite side, noob creator, decided to destroy roof. Okay, I will not attack anyone unless I give this creator, punch linking, a six-pack, flick. Okay.

Okay. Sorry. Back to update.

Yes, very nice by time. I get to shop. I get my other reward. Wait a minute. This game has promo.

No, no. Why am I level zero now is this joke? Do I look like one of those mafia rad characters that you? I am not level zero. Now I am level 5000 pro. Mafia boss, wow, only if you star code, CB, wait, ultra.

Lucky boost lol am about to put nitrogen boost into this jet all these coin in less than 2 seconds. Yes, chicken. Why you keep going behind me do not be scared selling my pets for 100k. Wait, you are selling pet. Okay. Okay. Where are you?

I am at spawn. Come to spawn. Please do face to face negotiate. Now come to me. We do this professionally, where are you I'm firm on pride? Now come here.

I want to see you just please trust. I feel more comfortable if I see you. Again, you will see me not talking to you from five mind to me straight to my face. We will talk and do this deal. I had the fun come here.

I am waiting at spawn for you here. Business. No. Furthermore, I am just trying to get. Okay. Furthermore, I will be at spawn.

Wait for you is this. You suck nice to meet you sup. My name is brick know.

And I see the pet you were talking about, please equip. I want to see if it is. I want to see the pet, how do you expect to perform deal without me taking I never saw this before?

What is pet you? I. Sell for 100 km before I show you what I'm offering. Yeah, we even have the 100k show are you kidding? Me?

Right now? Did you not just see the update? I am not new to this game question, how much one that is, and what is the pet call? Then we trade. I said, number, I said, show, first we'll, show hidden. I will show what I am giving.

And you showed the gems. I want to know the name. What is your pet called? Is it a chicken? Nothing gets simpler than this. Is it cow?

Okay, you know, what are you going to tell me the name. Of the pet trade it also so show me the gems. Okay, you know what fine if this is how you do. This is just to check name, send trade request. Wait, wait, how many pets? Why did you put sir never said?

What is a page? Wait 100k, gems for how am I buying Costco, bundle bro. You ain't funny, no, no I'm, not trying to be funny, 100 kg for what I'm poor. I only have 10 000. Do not waste his time.

He is only going to trade if you have one hunk I'm trying to deal with you all of those pets are 100k. Yes, oh finally, move. Response, okay, okay, okay, so I am a very nice person, but very ice looks like strawberry fan top offers two gems.

Lol. I am too good at this. I left him speechless minimum. You can add these 10 gems, how about it? I like your shoes? I hate gems, eight, gems for free, no for all your pets, what it's a mage deal. And that is how you negotiate for all pets.