The Most Powerful Shinobi During 1St Great Ninja War In Naruto - Tobirama Vs Kinkaku Force

The first Shinobi war was the first war that included, the majority of the hidden villages and countries not much information. Regarding. This war is known in this video.

I will be discussing the top eight strongest Shinobi during the first great ninja war. Number eight, gonzo, chimera, Deinze, chimera fought in the first great ninja war. He was a teen during this war and did not know much. He was not all that strong with gonzo was a part of team Toby Rama. And he was a part of the squad that was.

Ambushed by intake unit, we don't know how powerful he was during this war. But his resolve was weak since he was not able to make himself a decoy. Number seven, enoki had KKK, total ability of dust release using which he was able to dismantle anything into the size of dust particles. He also has the ability to use rock clones and huge golems during battle evoke's role in the first great ninja war is unknown. However, he did fight against keynote Sakura before. And it is likely that he clashed.

With them during this war as well. Number six kakuzu is a member of the Katsuki and has also fought in the first great ninja war. He is a very strong and powerful character.

He was even sent to assassinate ashram San, but survived he was also known for killing his comrades. Furthermore, he lived a long life, just because he was able to use the hearts of his defeated opponents and use them to live longer and also use their abilities. Number five, Kim, Baku and intake when intake and intake. Fought the nine tails, they were consumed by it, but they survived by eating its flesh from inside this resulted in them, gaining some nine tails chakra, which made them even more formidable. Both intake and intake took an active part in this war. They even managed to kill Toby, Rama San.

And also the second ravage of kumogaku, ray number four. Second, tsuchikage. Second tsuchikage is included in the list of very few shin obis who were able to use all five natures also.

He was able to use the KKK total. Ability of dust release with the help of his OK total. He could reduce his opponents to dust also. He was able to completely erase his chakra traces making it impossible for sensory type ninjas to detect him.

Number three, Toby, Rama, San, Toby, Rama sent is known as the creator as he has created most of the juts surround. He has created the reanimation juts shadow, clone juts, teleportation, juts, etc. Toby, Rama sent has even defeated a maniac sharing an user, fauna China during the warring states.

Period, he died during the first great ninja war after making himself a decoy to let others escape. Number two heroes and Saratov heroes and Saratov was known as the professor as he had the knowledge about almost all the juts that is around. He was able to use all the five nature transformations along with yen and yang release as well. It was during this war when he was appointed, the third homage of keynote Sakura at a mere age of 15.

This makes him the youngest homage in Naruto history. Number. One ashram, San, ashram sent was the co-founder and the first homage of keynote Baku ray. He was a lover of peace. He had the ability to use the powerful wood release naturally.

Furthermore, he was even capable of using the wood release sage mode. Furthermore, he somehow died in the first great ninja war. How that happened is unknown, though you.