The Allnew Larkbox X Is A Fast And Tiny Ryzen 7 Mini Pc From Chuwi Handson Review

What's going on everybody, it's eta prime back here again today, we're going to be taking a look at a newly released dozen, powered mini pc from Chewie known as the lark box x. Now in the past we've taken a look at the original lark box. And the lark box pro those were very small, palm sized, 4k, mini pcs, powered by intel CPUs.

But this should be packing a lot more power. Now it's definitely not as small as the original lark box or the lark box pro. But this is actually using a dozen 7, 3700u APU along with. Vega 10 graphics built in. So when it comes down to it using this as an everyday desktop or a little emulation system in light gaming, we should get some perfect performance.

But remember, this is a third generation, dozen APU. We've seen the 4000 and the 5000 series mini pcs being released recently. Now right out of the box. I have seen pictures of this, and I'm a big fan of the design. I really do love the way. This looks that two-tone really sets it off round back.

We've got dual gigabit, Ethernet, a. Lot of USB on here. I mean, as I o goes on these mini pcs, we've got plenty of it for what we have here inside the box you're going to get a 65 watt power supply, a vase amount.

And the mini pc itself taking a look at the o up front here. We have two full-size USB 3.0 ports. We also have USB type-c, which is 3.0, and it does support quick charge or pd on each side, there's, not much going on here. I thought there'd be a little ventilation, but everything's really happening around back here. We've got. That big vent for the CPU cooler power in dual gigabit Ethernet, full size, HDMI, full size, DisplayPort and two more USB 3.0 ports when it comes to upgradability there's, not much.

We can do here, except for the m.2 SSD. And the ram. This comes with eight gigabytes of ram it's running in dual channel. But we can go all the way up to 32, and we can set up basically any m.2 SSD. We want in this unit, but it doesn't have the option for a 2.5-inch drive, which is a little disappointing taking a look at the specs.

Of this mini pc for the CPU, we get the dozen 7, 3700u, four cores, eight threads base clock of 2.3 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.0 by the way. This APU out of the box is running at 25 watts, but we can actually change it from the bios or using a third-party application when it comes to the GPU, the 3700u actually has radon Vega, 10 graphics built in up to 1400 megahertz, eight gigabytes of ddr4. Unfortunately, it's only running at 2667 megahertz.

We do get that user. Replaceable 256, gigabyte, m.2, SSD. It.

Also has ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 4.2 built-in, and it's capable of running windows or Linux. I have Windows 10 installed on mine so that's, what we're going to be testing with in this video. But before we move over to testing, I did want to give you a look at the bios here because upping the TDP on these apes really helps out all right. So first things first with this little mini pc out of the box. This APU is running at 25 watts, a lot of my regular viewers already know that if we put more wattage into.

These little apes, we can get much better performance out of them. It'll, keep the CPU clock up. And especially the GPU clock from the bios, if we head to advanced, and we go to AMD, CBS, bio, you can see that the system configuration is set at 25 watts. It does work great as a little desktop. But it is lacking at 25 watts from here we can go all the way up to 54. You can also change this using a third-party application like AMD, tuning utility done a full video on it. If you want to check that out goes.

Over how to use it's really simple process in this video I'm going to be running this at 35 watts, instead of 25, the built-in cooler here can definitely handle 35 watts, and it will up the performance on this little setup, all right. So I've got everything up and running. I've updated the drivers.

I've installed some games and some emulators and overall like it sits right now, remember we're at 35 watts, that's. What I have it set at in the bios. This is a great little desktop web, browsing, email, checking. You want to do some 1080p video editing some photo editing. We have more than enough power for your everyday needs like that.

Now what I'm really worried about with the 3700u even running at 35 watts is gaming and emulation. But before we jump over there, I did want to test out a little of 4k video playback. And I also ran some benchmarks all right.

So here we are over at YouTube I'm using Wi-Fi, right now connected to my five gigahertz network 4k, 60 stats for nerds on screen. This is a 1080p. Monitor so our viewpoint is only at 1080p, but this is a 4k60 video. And this thing can handle 4k really, really well on the initial loading. We did have a few drop frames, but you should definitely be good to go streaming, 4k video content or playing it natively from an external drive or internal. The next thing I wanted to take a look at was just a few benchmarks.

I ran first up. We've got geek bench 5 and remember we're at 35 watts with this unit from the bios single core 884, multi, 3185, not bad for. Being a third gen, dozen mobile APU next up, we have 3dmark wildlife. This is a Vulcan benchmark for that. Built-In Vega 10, GPU, total score here 5168. And the final benchmark I ran was night raid coming in with a 9046.

So these are synthetic benchmarks and so far. I mean, it's, not looking top-notch, but I still want to see how this thing can handle real world gaming. First up marvel, vs, cap com, infinite, 720p, low. I was really hoping we could get a super steady 60 out of it. But when there are lots of particles.

On screen, you will see, it dips down it's, not horribly bad. And this would definitely be playable. You know, single player. I wouldn't go to a competition with something like this. But it is working as you can see next up. We have the art of rally 1080p medium settings.

I had a good idea that this would work well on this machine. And we could probably jack these settings up to high and just lock that d sync to 60. Moving over to cs. Go 720p low.

We actually got an average of 67 fps. I thought we'd get a. Little more out of it, but when it comes down to it, we're, just not getting enough wattage to that GPU to keep the clocks up now, it's time to move over to a little of emulation here's PSP, using the standalone version of pass DirectX, 11 back in midnight club, dub edition, which is a hard one to emulate we're running at full speed. And we have it set to 5x so PSP on this little machine is good to go even with the harder to emulate stop. I figured I'd go ahead and throw a little dream cast. Emulation in here, using red ream, because I know, I'll have some people asking about it, we're at 1440p.

And as long as the game's compatible with the emulator, you shouldn't have any issues running it next up. We've got some game cube using the dolphin emulator I'm set to 1440p. And one of my favorite ones to test here auto medalist using the DirectX 11 back in every once in a while I do see it dip down and fluctuate between 59 and 60, but that's something you would never notice unless you had a frame. Counter on screen, game cube and Wii emulation using the dolphin emulator works. Amazingly with this little pc. And finally, for emulation, we have PSS and pcsx2 here's soul, caliber 3, it's, a harder game to emulate and right now I'm at the native resolution using DirectX 11. If I try to take it up to 720p, I get a ton of dips on it, but there are games that are going to be playable even at 1080p on this machine.

So there was one last thing I wanted to do here. This machine does have more potential than it's. Putting out in its stock form factor, but you know, given the limited amount of ram and ram speed for that built-in GPU it's, not working at its full potential.

Plus we have the issue of the wattage on that APU. So what I have here is forza horizon. 5. This was one. I couldn't play with the stock amount of ram. We only had eight gigs, and it was just maxing.

It out wasn't getting a great frame rate whatsoever. So what I did was add 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running in dual channel, but it's running at 3, 200. Megahertz, and now I have that APU running at 45 watts, 720p low. We can actually get an average of 68 fps out of forza horizon 5, which isn't bad for a mini pc since I'm running this at 45 to 50 watts. I did pull the bottom off the unit and set it up on its side because at 45 watts, this thing can thermal throttle when it's just sitting flat on the desk. But you know, I got a little more airflow coming in here and performance is really great for the 3700u.

But I've got that wattage way up. And I have. Much faster, ram added to this unit. So it does have potential, but you will need to do a little of tweaking. So in the end, the Chuck lark box x does perform really well for what kind of app we have in here.

But there are more powerful mini pcs on the market. This is coming in at 399 over on Amazon right now. And if you're looking for a desktop replacement, you're, not going to do a lot of hardcore gaming on it. Then this one could definitely be for you. But if you're looking for a little more GPU power, For gaming, I would go with something with the dozen 4000 series or the 5000 series. I've done a lot of videos on them.

And the performance is certainly upped when it comes to the 4000 and 5000 series. And it really comes down to that built-in GPU and much faster, ram just right out of the box, but that's it for this one, if there's anything else you want to see running on this little mini pc, just let me know in the comments below and like always thanks for watching you.