Synthol Man !!! More Toxic Than Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant !!!

Dear God and Deary me, Brazil, SAO, Paulo and Rio down a de Lee. Damn look at that what a disgrace all day this dude, of course, it is sinful guys. It is like a freaking epidemic down in Brazil, which is a shame right?

I, love Brazil. I, love, Brazilian soccer, even though their stadiums are crumbling on a daily I. Still, you know, salute the Brazilian team of the best in the world I love, Brazilian, Jujitsu out of Brazilian MMA. You know, I salute Anderson, Silva, Victor, Before, TRT on a daily Kyoto machine. But. What's this guys, I mean, you guys should come up with a law to forbid this.

It is a disgrace to humanity when I see this I don't, wanna lift on this planet anymore. And the thing is the guys next to him if you hear them actually speaking in Portuguese baby, please then say to him, motto been or more to ban or whatever something like that right, it's like very good. When he tries to pose this freaking, prick who's going to die quite soon from a freaking poisoning of that freaking oil in his body.

Doesn't even look good. Look at that when it disgraces look at the freaking biceps, not sure if a biceps or a testicle from an elephant, damn, you I, don't, salute you freaking prick. This guy is healthier than him, but he does not know what he's admiring a freaking freak. The hell is that man seriously, I, look at him. You will see him trying to pose what some chicks coming next to him. I mean, this is ignorance guys.

This is really ignorant, send him to the freaking jungle. We have it the biggest jungle right?. Like the Amazon in Brazil, right, I swear to God, even if a Jaguar acquires this freaking freak, you will not eat it you. You will not eat it because it's toxic.

This dude should be sent to freaking whatever to be recycled, because it is dangerous for the humanity when he will die. Please do not bury him. Six Feet, Under burn him will recycle him send him to freaking Fukushima power plant for God's sake. His as toxic as the nuclear waste. This guy, actually will you know what he will live forever? Probably he. Will not degrade, you will not decay in the soil because I mean, even though the freaking bacteria will not eat it for God's sake, I'm saying it and not him because for me, this is a thing.

This is not you with me. I mean, this is not my species, bro I contest I protest. This is definitely not my species.

I protest I don't want to belong to the same species as his freaking testicles or his biceps for God's sake. A dinosaur testicle look at that. Look at that just not even once guys for my Brazilian fans. I salute you, but please denounce this creates a freaking petition call up your freaking.

What was the name of your president and protest against Ted synthetic disgrace for your country? Ar-Ar-Ar me? Go. Let me go damn you with the baby shivers, hey, Mos, ESPN, devil, Melinda.

Normally a contest Oh Milly, re-define, a good career loss, a big show, miss Atomic, a yes, yes. Professor. Ah, yes. I. Am awesome evil in the normally i7 sake scrutiny that you pursue all King, quarto, pas, AAU, Tom. So save it here. Kisielewski.

Nestle anomaly, akira-kun, Oh, Scottie, Hey, yeah, oh yes. He for you know, some evil, Linda, no Miriam, IV, Mario, Cases question, please, quiet one day possible. A god I do not evaluate what is less efficient about his family, silicon Whimper in the cemetery.

Oh, hi so lucky. Yes, let me say, are, kill. Ha, ha,