Solid State 3

Salaam alaikum o, dear students, Raj, Shah. The solitary Chopra is conduced our topic. Yes, subtopic.

You need some analysis and biking start Kearney Jerry is the very important topic of this hole in it. Most often eight or seven times out of ten times come to the example question, EC portion, see which other start correlating a topic to Panama Nicky, cash caring in marriage rate term, overly curious base lattice or crystal lattice, a simple term constant the quickest on to Rama I'm. Sorry, Anna cuckoos caring. The stark elated Pellet group is lackluster last class.

We are told that a crystalline solid has a renewal energy band of constructs, a griever arrangement for die. A crystalline soil by particle sky. A virtual regular arrangement was some ridge nucleus angelically. If we can draw a crystal and paper like I have an example. Here is no example, say, egg, just copy one this story.

And this is three-dimensional representation is representation, Kathy will show a crystal in which the particles are shown by. These dots it's, a three-dimensional element in with constants are shown with dots. And these constants are joined by straight lines like this straight line between two constants, the three-dimensional arrangement of the constants that is drawn here diametrical to represent a crystal is called actually a crystal lattice of simple lattice as simple as anything.

So you can write out a three-dimensional arrangement of particles in space in which the constituents are represented by points is called a. Crystal lattice, it is the three-dimensional arrangement of particles any three-dimensional arrangement of particles, I appear. Mary pass. This one is a three-dimensional (remains) of particles in which is my confusion - Sadie cotton and bonds for straight line is a Ducati.

This is called as crystal. Ladies I. Hope you understand it crystal lattice is simply we can write down. It is a three-dimensional arrangement particles in which the pointers are used to denote the crannies changes and straight lines. Are used to dilute the pores between the adjacent, a particle could skip a part later in the characteristic of a crystal lattice.

A crystal lattice has lot more than silicon Joyce characteristics, which were of no down cutting it very easy to remember, Paley character, see edge. Each point in CL means crystal lattice is called a space plate or lattice point. Each point that means, for example, disappoint, this is called as space point or this called as Crystal point. Lattice point or space point a. Representing a car pile, these represent the constants atomic ions or molecules number on characters. Number second, the lines joining the pointers is your liner up there and these straight lines.

Yes. The Anthony, yeah, though adjacent particles, a breach may the easy drag each out the attacking. It will bring out the shape of crystal key shaped I. See a am a Potter jelly, I say, number one, number two, the straight line between two adjacent pointers also represents a bond between them. These are. The two important characteristics of space lattice, our crystal lattice boy characteristics, a rocky are again. And this time difficult to remember going to our next point is unit cell is the one of the basic concepts in this chapter that needs to be cleared.

And some problems need to be solved on this topic of subtopic of unit cell. The unit cell Fatty is how you can write down a statement. First before explanation and get the unit cell is the smallest portion for the crystal, which we. Repeated in every direction generator, the entire crystal take your pal and load our unit cell in the smallest portion of the crystal, which were repeated in every direction generated the entire crystal first point to yetis, molasses and younger AP NIC, complicated d'voice, a discrete crystal money, g, OG, Lukas.

Carbon LY. Those are the job Rico in every direction Maharajah who Pony Jia, PG tub egg dear bond is so the wall is a crystal. And the brook is goes to. Ladies first point, sorry. The.

Brook is the unit cell number second characteristic an important, you will no doubt about unit cells is that in itself has the same properties as data crystal. You know, down, you see unit cell has the same power properties of the crystal faces. Subjugate. We were back up sweets. Let that be a crystal. He patted on my deepest weed skeleton yoga, it's called crystal mullet in agreement.

Yet Jack armor is crystal colored Esther. Look I said, I'm, sorry, ISARA do bunny honey. We take one piece and taste it Joe. Is Pisa taste over.

We on solid pieces, Katia storage box, my mood today. So this one piece in the unit cell and the whole box in the crystal Joe egg. Peace, Katia, stay. Oh,, sorry. Box cup.

Tasted that's. What we mean will itself has the properties of them Justin. These are two important.

First one is the definition. And second, one is the significant characteristic of this the important property of the in itself, alga Barton. You note it down remove that. And you will know down characteristics of yields. Characteristics of crystal lattice Tomochichi, though characteristics a is the Rossi characteristics of unit cell in itself. Kb, both parameter s, NG with no parameters n. Gm, a quiet shell, code, patience, acting jams' octave.

Here, two characters of liquor octane. Number one, k, edge length and number two angle between edge. Lengths first character is the edge length. And second character is the angle between the edge lengths for hedonic. You push karaoke edge.

Language, head catches whiskey. Bottom is earning a. Kangol skeleton is a little scare Eichmann. There are three edges. Lengths. Take. This example, I have made a unit cell here to you low down. First, what is ID angle as language?

These are the dimensions of unit cell. These are the dimensions of inter-cell along three axes as you like it is simply the dimension of a unit cell along three axes. These are represented as a DMC edge like this are the dimensions along three axis x-axis, y-axis and z axis, x-axis, K direction may risk of dementia yoga is called a.

Signal karma suppose, this is x-axis, x-axis makes unit shelter dimension. Joy is called AC to present curtain yam. Be citrus, y-axis, Z direction may to scale language, a language along y-axis, school y-axis male theft is called BC do not call it an is it as a dimension along the z axis is closed or axis, funds G. The third axis K through major of damaging up a definite C. So what our eyes' length is, these are simply the dimensions in a Katina lumbar typically language along the x-axis along the x-axis. Keeping negative a so is a length along the edge, length a, the dimension along x-axis, y direction, make it an elongated be without X that axis make it my direction SC.

So the dimensions along x-axis or y-axis and third axis, these are called as a limits x-axis or dimension. Yeah, language is a cat, a Y, maybe or German save for number second, property care angles, who between edge lengths angles between air legates. We see diagrams on signal. Cookery, Europe, America diagram when I have minus 18 Abe. You see decay and edge lengths the angle between a length.

There are three angles will come alpha beta and gamma C represent Curtis. There are three angles in a unit cell cage with no characteristics. A concourse a has length us. What age cycle 18 ABC, an along x VS, my C along Z, sitar, C square to do so characteristic.

These are angles, bikini, head team, alpha beta and gamma K today, alpha beta and gamma DZ, three Greek letters to alpha gram. English, my school compared cutting into AC beta DC or. Gamma will sort of CC. Compare curly Zeta alpha is the angle between B and C alpha is the angle between dead ones. This is the alpha squadron ALADI, Asana. Help. Aqua am logy where an is the angle between B and C, and it's.

My a Kazakh any other alpha is the angle between B and C. Now guess beat I kiss. The , my angle over beta simply Kamal. S, Emily GB I did in the length is no gauge in my beanie I hear that means beat up with the angle between a and C given angle. This will be beta. This will be.

Alpha and gamma coma, Nebraska symbology. He took the angle between B and a 2 simple, sir esp era, see a dragging it alpha where alpha is the angle, which will be L, C, B and C. And beta is the angle between a and C in alpha 2, a kiss. A , yoga, B or C can be smell, beautiful, Angela, EA or CK bismillah.

And gamma is the angle Delta. Mm, between a and B. So these are three angles and three lengths ABC ax, B, Y, &, Z alpha, beta, gamma alpha kiss. The burger.

This is very important to. Remember it he'll follow gap between B and C in a b c alpha, how to ice a cake Valet hie, this could Emily G, a B C. The sitter has a beautiful angle. Ogre. Okay. Sis could be smaller.

B2 are there of course, on a buggy, a and C center, say, I'm, gamma Q, minus Ebola see are there up goons adorned, a will be it will be between en. We hope you understand it. So these are the characteristics of a unit cell inshallah. Tomorrow onwards will take up with this topic to more interesting levels to ask you. Tonight human duck,