Rust - Not In Our Backyard - Outpost Attack

Hey, guys before this video starts I just want to do a quick apology. A lot of my clips in this video did not get recorded the way I expected them to us. Try out a different recording situation with shadow play. And it just deleted some clips or didn't record them, I, don't know, what's going on, but I did get a few neat little clips in here. So I hope you guys enjoy and a quick little backstory content context to what is going on in this video is that I find a dude on the airfield to shooting.

Crossbow bolts at me, and we kill him, he says, some neat little things. And then the same guy with a few of his buddies is trying to build a pump right next to our base. So we call up the gang, and we go ahead and fight for that location. Hope you guys enjoy. It means justice, a near our base. I think the helicopter is all I see him I, see if I see a dude, I, see, dude, where hold on whom you can't, see him he's behind the rock line.

You see where I'm facing mmm, oh, my so your show there is wrapping around my. Mail where he's going I, can't, I, can't, so he's self on the rock I just saw his head move up on the rock I. Let him the is he on Lucy. Dad got him. I got him all right?

Well, careful sitting done. Yeah, probably enjoy get your base destroyed that bad I've taken out like five people there's. A gamma is you in the years? Okay? Bye.

Dino, Que. Yo. Na, or I will too bye-bye. Buddy.

Bye. Bye. You killed there's its. This one little spot on building block down this right here, there's something in this . Rock building wine, 30, oh that's. A start of a river check under it. Yeah.

They have building is it completely hold off its? Well, this sides walled off, but I don't think you can infer from this side. Anyway, hold on bring it back. 5,000 would okay, it's like super bugged out, whatever, um, I can still get the wall.

Built is one of you have an axe. I do at the end, the River entrance there's a wooden door. You can bust. It down.

Okay, bring in 2,000 fragments that should be enough. Right? Yeah. Plenty we can make.

Some cheap metals on, oh, I'm, sniped up, sniped, her back and back I'm down on the railing next to the thing. If you can quickly come snag, me come be careful though Wow I'm back, where are you sergeant I'm in the fall? Paul I fell back I'm. Pushing up I, see a guy in the tree line. Back there go, hey to open a shot, we're going to shine swinging around the world, hi guys that back of the trees he's coming from behind he's. Come from the hell I'm coming from the sand. Well, I heard a shot.

Yeah, I shot him. Okis, I'll, come back to my base. I, see her get hit him. Yes.

I. Should watch this right side? I'm behind. You guys, I, see, one he's, right in front of you was wrapping around with Sarge. Oh, , I'm down, I'm killed catch something out of the rock making bandages.

This guy behind the core right? Looting, my body right now. Guys falling back he's, bugging out.

Yeah, guy in that cupboard with full lived. You guys want to pick him up to get his , yeah, clear the authorization box.

So I'm in a medal know now. With the Thompson out don't shoot by the first augmentation box. Re clearing this off box. It's, cleared, reauthorize. If you want, yeah, he's, yeah, you're, right.

He brought code lot. Thank you friend. What a nice guy right loop. The guys metal fragments and other building materials, stupid one on the right side is covering the off box where's. He at on the right side rocks or just on the ground, I, don't know, I didn't, see you just watch shot one over the hill as well, uncover headshot he's down sweep, which ones.

Don't, oh, no he's, not down, he's still alive, he's, directly up north, right behind a rock. He's, moving left side, all right, I'm going to lick it right? Right now. I'm swinging left. Alright, it's closed off for me here.

Right now. Lets kind of camp out the right side. Here guess, I. Try to wrap around I don't, see anything in the rock that you up by the rocks. Yeah, yeah, I'm up on how she okay. Now you're got you good and come back to the airport who is jumping on the court that's just right here going in? Can we get?

A box in there we're at inside there I got some move to drop off. Hello chest. Oh,, sorry. I got some suffering all right back off the hill here you there's. Some bandages let's start the right code nursing me, I'll, leave that guy already Lou them. Please get some fuel.

Frags, oh, wow. Ah, need some extra my inventory here, Kai drop, you , like my stone consolidate as much as you can. Okay. Yeah. Anybody has an extra Michael I've got an extra Tommy I've lost. He pistol rounds who need it sergeant. Yep, got.

Some external walls, he brought us to Tommy in 20 bullets, I'll drop this sulfur don't need to hold on to that too much I'll get these deep. Do you know where your rifle might have dropped mine? Yeah, um. It was between those two rocks all right, let's, lose that guy, clean or did you get a stone? Oh, no want to grab that Arab, grab metal grab stone, grab everything. All this fragments I have to pitch some cloth. Yes, L do I got some property require something.

Um. We have someone one person with an axe can go and. How to get that building gone that's, the only threat right now that building block underneath the river? Uh, oh, my god I'll, be chocolate. Just hold on to it right now. Okay, those nice of them to give us the weak side, who's, who's, axing, stuff, I'm going after that door.

Now, Betsy people asking stuff why the are they building all the way out here. God. This is a shitty spot. Man, all these rugs like I, just want to block them off. Yeah, maybe they found a good place for a quarry as far as like what it. Gives up, oh, yeah, I'll far away their faces. Right?

They got perfect quarries up there all right I'm into this. Uh, this is happening. Oh, well. I got shot get shot in players back up the hill. All right, we got access to this guy. Okay, just clear it.

If you can real quick right and then head back up watch that rock. They keep sniper soon just came out of the water. I did okay. There's. A guy up hill that shot I'm to left of the quarry we're right behind the quarry I'm, just watching the flank watched right. Who is this behind me, I'm?

What already who is that coming out on the right, not us probably help you right around corner. I just saw that hurt. We got Nick Weyden I'll, see any ran back by decree of pop mustache, it'll shield, I, her all right?

Count it down. Three, two one fire. Goodbye. All right. Take their loot.

Quick. Go. Go. Go.

Go. Go. No don't. Be careful to do Jesus.