Prairie Artisan Ales Imaginary Friends Beer Review

I'm eight or chasing Dakota's penis, uh, yeah, he's standing here taking a piss. We got him. Well, we didn't get any dick, but it was fun. Trying here's on the case, oh it's, probably mine, dude, you need to come here. Yeah, holy . Okay. We just India. Okay.

The black hop India, Pale Ales. What we just drink these , aren't, very Christian, they're being very nasty. This was Chocolatey coffee.

The coffee really stood out, um kind of bitter I, don't know what this guy like we held up some fingers and get. Some numbers they gave it a number I know that it was good it's. Good, not a letter in all right now. We're, 40 never know the prairie imaginary.

Friends, it's, an IPA I, got gypped as you can see, maybe you. How about this 7% alcohol? It's got some put some gang signs on it, I got about 0.2% of that 7% you're, fine sure, well, you got more homes, 7% by hell, apple and orange that's about it, not sweet.

No it's, definitely an unsweetened fruit smell like a-- like an all-natural like pineapple, orange. Maybe a little of like mango or peach, kinda smell of Congo kind naturally, I, don't know what homo is their GMO is but Homo you already said, you were gay. This smells like super juicy fruit forward.

Yes, we see not as good what's fresh, no, not it's. Not as good as it was fresh I still get like it's. Proof, we're kind of real fruit forward tastes kind of piney aftertaste - 197 -. So if you see this can that number on the bottom of it, it's its, a little past its prime I bought a 4-pack of it and.

I loved every single one up until now I did too it's, not sweet it's, not tropical yeah, it's, definitely not it's, not as good as it was fresh. And that really sucks. Yeah, this was a , amazing possibly tin. Beer, yeah.

It was really tropical. It competes with everything on earth orange to me on the on the level of tropical flavors. Yeah, not agree with it.

Now it's just a molten, bitter dryness, yeah, it's still fruity. But it's fell off. A lot have you had this fresh I had it with Bradley at one.

Point, yeah, it was sleepless. It was pretty fresh at that point, but it. And it was a lot better. It was we're gonna we're going to incorporate that into the review we're going to give a little slightly we're going to give it a 1.5 bump. Yeah, that's, a real bummer like because when I put this on the ice chest earlier I was really excited to review this, because I knew how good.

It was. But over the last month and a half it's fell off a lot. Yeah, I mean, it's still, good. I mean, it's, just not I'm gonna drink for.

This you're going to pour it unless you want it, but I'm still going to give it an eight and a half I'm going to go ahead and say now, eight and a half get a fresh few months old, it's, not them it's. The honestly it drops off, pretty quickly. Yeah, I'll give it I'm going to give it an eight. But if it was fresh, it would be a nine and a half it still tastes fine like if you never had it fresh. And this was your first time trying it you would probably think it was pretty , great.

But it was a lot better fresh. Yeah. I'd say, probably at this point I'd give it I'd, probably give it a seven and a half, but it and right when it's good and fresh I might give it that give it a nine. It was really tropical a lot better fresh so quick review, and which is what we're we're actually eating right now. We're needing a lot of fasters. Beauties would this shatter there go see you.