Minecraft Astral Blocks Vs Lucky Blocks!

Tired of normal lucky blocks. Well, then try these faster. Lucky blocks. Let me throw in an astral coin. I got a diamond ho, it's, the heroes' ho today.

We get to experience crazy new lucky blocks, an awesome, new weapons block, sir out of this world today we are doing a stroll lucky. Blogs are you guys excited? Look at all these lucky blocks that we have then I'm in walking on water, Jesus all right? So she feels the splatter that's taking her all over I do spirit. My voice is getting better we're going to be. Playing sky blocks astral lucky blocks.

And we have some, you know, some stuff underneath this open fall. We're, pretty much dead. Let us open up some astral. Lucky blocks.

Alright, I'm going to do the honors of going first because oh pretty alright. The game is you have to survive as long as possible? Whoever dies, the least the win here. We go $15. A 5-mile radius, don't think, it's, an if it's more of a win all right, so I died all right. Chris. Your turn master of luck.

Oh, whoa. It's. A beacon I think is strong. Beacons strong beacon, ooh, who doesn't make you strong? Oh, it does. It gives you strength because it makes us smelly. Oh, my god, Justin.

You're. Next go for it. Okay, Castro lucky blocks versus regular lucky block. So you may choose a regular lucky block if you need to no I got to go big for the first time let's, go, right in the middle here. We got an extra light, just throw it.

I mean, you can chug it. Yes, chug. Oh, it made me stinky. Oh that's, just the stink of magic flowing through you. So my turn.

I'm going to go with this one? What do? Oh, my god, build an end portal, everything you need to build your very own portal, limited time off over the next week, four hours to get your very own dragon.

Okay? Alright. So I can build the airport. If I want to that's, pretty cool and get your very own dragon. What was that get your very own dragon? Basically that's?

What I heard so Chris you're allowed to go next. Yep, I'm going to get this one right here. Another Castro block let's see I got a castle with more Castro blocks.Inside it, let me see what maybe we should step away. Then that is spring-loaded heckling, what he's hit three out of three I can't, believe it. He needs to die and then show them into it.

I think is the best. Thank you. I don't like that I will jump out with my mechanic.

Okay. So I was dispatched by a dark, throwing star the first time. So now let's try a regular block and see what all right, oh, my god, oh yeah, buddy's, coming after you Justin, oh, okay. I'm here Bunny's got a mission all right. Come here I'm going to jump to my island, oh, did your Island I'm. Going to do this corner?

100 like a bunch of flowers? My turn mm-hmm, a wishing well, I got the astral wishing well, Oh such a good choice. Oh, that's. Bad that's.

If I knew some screaming your end or chess with end dragon chess is gone. Oh, all right. Chris. Go ahead. Yeah.

I want to come see what you get because. These are a hockey puck. I need a slowdown Oh, Oh. Another wishing. Well, let me throw in an astral crying.

Where are my leggings I. Think they got blown up your pants are just ripped your pants that explosion blew my pants off let's, see I'm going to try just let's do this one down here in the corner, Oh much chest plate. Oh, my god, let me throw this puppy on. How does it do protection blast protection? Thorns breaking solid core one last back resistance comes with a sweat stains to under your arms.

Push you wouldn't, go backwards. Well, not saying, I, wouldn't, but I would be resistant to it. Oh, I hate Chris. Oh, see I am solid my could.

Go free, doesn't sound, good you're, killing Jess, that's, what's happening. What am I even looking at? What is this I know?

What is this it's like a giant one? Yeah, Oh, Oh, No, well, they're trying to shoot at each other, though, alright. So that was Lucas.

My turn to do let's. See? What happens? See what happens? Oh, that was ultimate boots. Enchants, put, oh my god.

Oh my god, oh my god that was boring I'm going to doing nothing here I'm gonna - alright. So now lets doing two per person I'm going to do one extra block and one. Normal like it like so let's start with the astral and I got a blessed potion, bless you ocean of blessing, random positive effect, five. Well, since the next block might kill me, let's protect myself and I got. Alright. Watch as an invincible figure breaks this normal lucky block Wow and I got a diamond ho it's.

The heroes ho it's like it was meant for you Chris. Yeah, it's made out of diamond, though so it's, not that great Chris you're. So cheap, I swear to god, you're going to make like you with diamond holes. My god, Chris has some standards. Okay, let's see let's go for an astral block right here.

Oh, oh, no it's that Guardian thing. Yeah, look at all that death down. That's, pretty nice.

Alright, gets it black now. It's you first one, wait, not so great normal block. This should be fine. Let's.

See what happens? Oh, my god, hey, as boy you're going to make some sort of like farm. Joke I really was, but it was too easy. And sometimes you just gotta not do it, you know, no no Chris, you know what she did. She bailed on it that's. The going all the gotta nails done like the real Chris, see all of that, no I just steal anything I just want to know you we're. Not going to look you were going to take look at my side.

Golden ho, it's, totally, yeah, he's got I'm going to get the lucky blob. You've never had one that. Sorry, Chris escapes that one somehow I guess, yeah.

Oh, am I here. Not a shovel I got a tempered, pick tempered sword. Tempered side, tempered shovel and a tempered axe. Okay, I will come home. Okay? What do you know like I could use some of?This mica, what is yours, but it will, you have?

Oh, she got a castle I. Just think about the castle Oh Chris. You've never asked I'm taking down after, oh, my god, all right, I. Guess it's my turn let's. Do it obsidian? I can go to the nether astral, merchants, I have an actual coin can I trade it with the astral merchants, maybe I'm going to open up two more, actually. So we can go a little faster with this one epic.

Lucky, potion. What does this do that sounds? Good? Oh, my god I have everything in the book. Yeah, you're.

Invincible it's a star shooter drive a massive bow. Oh, my god, the ash abode let's open a month, let's, open them up slowly. So you got killed by evil. Space Place. Everyone open up your astral box. Let's just have fun with it.

Oh. Beautiful. I just got myself a parachute. So I can get away from this madness.

What what what okay meteor chicken? Hey, that's, pretty cool. Fun. That's, right open.

Another one here, Oh incoming. What me team puppy, look at all the puppies. Oh my god, oh my gosh. She got the best.

Block ever more stuff to go to surrender puppies in this one, oh you in a bottle. What is this maybe can throw an astral coin in it? Oh? No. Oh, go get a puppy, killing puppies. Puppies are killing whatever I say, yeah, I got a stone they're. Going to love you Chris I got a cloud house, but I've got tenants.

Hello. Cloud, dwellers. They have an astral lucky. Potion. What is this?

Oh, my god, everyone died. All right. So we're just going to keep opening some blocks, I'm, Anna, I'm like tits to go really fast a circle place. Whoa, flames Kris. Go for it. Oh, Parsons!. My turn, oh healing.

Beacon. Oh, I. Got your next. Oh, you're in prison. Yeah, I'm in baby jail. Okay, it's my turn then withering beacon I got a withering beacon. You get a healing begin.

Oh, no. I need to stay in mind. They cancel each other out also, uh, cleaning up. This Jail area, there's, some I'm going to name him Ferdinand. You have to stop Chris.

I'm. Serious Your Dragon has got another hand that we can't continue. So I'm going to have to use this very special sword. The. Sword of the heaven I'm going to kill you John, even astral Bob can compare to this one? Oh my god, oh my god, oh, my god, look at everyone sort of the heavens. Castanet, the torch that's, not the sort of the heavens.

No, no I clearly had its says, sort of the heavens. In my hand, my god, it was like a Mickie towards Western. You have a very nice sword, Chris, nice their sword. Now, please just chase this dragon around you everything for bad people. No, no, no I'm, just a bad owner.

I'm. Sorry, Ferdinand. Oh, we did it I'm. Blind, oh, my God he's bloated.

Did we get the head all right? So after all that we have some other blocks here, we're just going to break them all right just to see what they do. What is this blind I don't like?

Okay? Okay, guys. Well, obviously, the astral lucky blocks and the regular lucky blocks there's, a ton, that's different there's. Some cool swords like literally, look at this amazing sword. I just really want to show this off with.

Oh my gosh, oh, my god, it's, a giant pick. What does this do? Oh, my god. Oh, my god, there's, some incredible things. Look at this heavenly axe. Guys, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god national Bob's got nothing on you. Now this is incredible anyway.

Thank you for joining us for the Austral lucky blocks versus were you like box. Look for to see you next time until then take care bye.