Mi Dua Me Es Infiel Con Mi HermanošŸ˜¢/ Termina MalšŸ„ŗ/ TerminamosšŸ˜­/

You're tired of asking your uncle because I recommend a page that will help you get diamonds, totally free. Online is in the description of this video so come on in and say goodbye to doing favors for your uncle. When we'll see, what happens, I, think tonight started strong.

What happened yesterday, three in a group here with yogi, those who don't know when you don't see that we are the dynamic I, hadn't realized it end. Thanks for saying, mind, but the attitude, how are you going to have another loot to you. Because you and I are boyfriends, but I understand I can't be dynamic of my own brother I don't understand it is that he has to have when with his followers.

The truth is that things as they are a constitutive week. This stuffed chalice with this with his followers when he lost, because you get involved in what you don't care about and apart from a few degrees. You couldn't have a friend like that. No, no just like I voted for the one who contained more and was older than I. No, no, no it's, not a lie.

Always because he was more tender than you, and he only has me to be romantic, yes, really cuddly. A lot of tests I only take if I usually separate your company because with the best, and it's enough for me. Then here that means that drinking is different. My brother, no, no, no, no half a second after what my brother is giving. And if I don't feel like it, there I won't tell you everything you're doing nothing I'm happy.

Serious let's see let's, see if he's capable of taking care of you like that as I do it, He takes care of me more than you do, come with me, let's, show them how it is, no, no, but that's, not the version and I went to the truth. It's there together with lobbyists. We were going up. So they invite you one has to understand that, no, no and a half then I'm leaving here.

So he can take care of you where you don't look back I'll, take better care of you. Something we've done wrong. We've done wrong to the local floor, seal, don't stop me from seeing show that you're, not after action and that's. Watching var cargo let's, not murder, how good I should be for taking care of myself every day I'm going to do this stuffed stuff to you I. Don't think my ears can't believe it, not there not and please not here to San the macro and crack I have fear don't do badly in this world seriously, very well, shut up.

Ma'am, double murder. No don't call me, triple murder. It's enough mother, a few minutes later you saw there.

He tells me I'm insane I fought for his party apart from that I care that you like. It that it plays? Well to me what matters to me is by centimeters Claudio, the feelings, the stuffed animal the feelings, but the feelings for you are true. I, don't know if this is funny, if it's sad I'm, sorry, I, prefer, it and I don't, there isn't, please don't leave me.

The stuffed animal I'm going to defeat you a PMP. If I win my destiny. If he wins, if he doesn't love you for this today, I, dare you to leave him without easy, I don't understand, oh man, don't understand him, It's, fine, and I'm going.

To accept the PVP one, but again, if I win here, it's going to be mine, again, I, won't, go over there, we'll, see you, because this time I'm going to win, You're watching here, but I'm going to mop the floor with your face, for me. Ah,