La Purga En Gta 5 !! - Gta V (Juegos Del Calamar)

Ax subscribes for the purge and the squid games with friends, the liver, and I'm here in GTA 5. And today is the purge that's how it is. This is a tradition on the channel. If you don't know, the purge is a fictitious day that is a day that you don't exist in real life. The purge consists of one day a year when supposedly from 12 at night to 6 in the morning, any crime is legal. So they to any crime anything many people celebrate other than people say, Ayala egg purge here, I am with these friends and. They are from the squid games, the no when it's time for the purge, this vineyard almost starts the flea, and it's fine there.

But no, we still can't shoot well, the purge begins, and my companions disappeared that they were I, don't know if they want to purge me, I think we will see them. Maybe more after a while the purge has already started. She started the purge, and she started the purge. The first attacking me is a lot that's donkey who wants to purge donkey. Okay. Okay.

I shot him, I, shot him where his. Steals where he is father-in-law, ok, fight a bed. They don't want to purge. You have to be very careful it's the day of the purge bro. And it starts not the day of the purge I, tell them a lot of people celebrate water. Back purge I fall.

Obviously and not me I like it, I, don't, know, it's, a horrible, day, Ebro, it's. The day of the purge, I would hide, no, If I were the one with the purge, let's, watch carefully for an attack here, A lady x wants. You thumb up, She had something against me, and how can you. Tell? Streets are somewhat empty using a lot of people. He likes to go out on the day of the purge, which makes sense.

They stay hidden. Hurry. Purge brothers on the day of the flea. There is also a pimp, a trickle I don't think I'll give him I.

Give him check by check, not the rabbits coat, where with here there were some rabbits, and they want to purge these. They come directly for me. I have bought a buyer with this that with this. He is a type of rabbit.

Ivan is full of blood that is, He is ready for the. Purge like a gang is like a gang of rabbits, who's going with this who this joke on the day of the morgue. But the flea like us here, I don't, like the purge I'm against the move I'm, trying thumb. They are trying to purge Ebro. They are trying to purge let's. See there are only my colleagues here, he's back it's, my partner what's up everyone because he's running from there. We love it thumb.

We have to protect him there's a red dot. This is this one he's, not purging, and he's running for his life. And. There goes our partner we have to protect him.

And with this, these it's, the squid games whoare coming is the one from the games. The squid is the one from the know, squids. They come for a trip. They come for those they like, and they come for what they like it's immortal it's immortal let's go here, very short with this to the girl from the ALAT games. What makes me sad the most about the day of the purge as we told many people celebrate many people say, yes to egg.

Well, the purge that is to say that. Our NATO shotgun is aware little couple attacked me, but it doesn't matter I bring a shotgun. The girl is well possessed everyone shoots at her, but I, don't know, they don't give me this girl with her old shoes.

She kills people or what the hell I put myself in a better building because of the sniper there's one to install. And there is another. And another like this one did not notify me a felon quoted ready. I, give him I arrived in Each that everything is shooting at the girl. She is like a beast 2.

This is like a beast and no one can destroy her all against the girl like one of the most aggressive of all wins that you can see a little better, and it's like a beast I, tell you, no one can stop it. Everything is shooting see us all against it. The whole map full of red dots, I've, never seen it in GTA iv. It's culminating everyone. Dan is that that's what happens when you shoot him.

You can't do him much damage. You shoot at me that one is shooting at me, it's like a lady. They shoot at me to shoot the. Doll the one from the games, the squid I put on is shrapnel.

Now, no I can't do anything to see the scale, a grenade and I think that sun and sleep hurt him it's, not like he doesn't have a soul it's made of stone it's made of stone clay pottery I, don't know there it is. You can see that what strikes me the most about This is the doll and everyone shoots at it I, tell them, no one can against it. Where is it?

Where is it I don't, see where it is where the whole damn doll, is, I, think it got into it I. Already put on this turret check, it came with fire china. There is a sick of spots, and he worked Xbox, and he is not reaching different enemies. See the Oslo they purged.

They just purged Godzilla. And it wasn't me. It is super macabre. They this is quite macabre, although putting him in the cell, not like from mud, I, don't know what she is ceramic.

Girl, more enemies came to look. Even a lady is an old lady. Look on a visit one day. She comes out of the purge, and it is understood. No, maybe she was at her house. And she said today is the purge today, and it's celebrated bro today, you drink today you spend today you smoke like a gangsta being on the web. But if it is the day of the purge, it came out vibrant for me, very big.

Another lady came out to celebrate here who with this study wants to purge me, who is the external uncle Lester with Lester. Well, Esther merino own thumb. They don't say anything Lester peatier. They have cornered. I don't know why they all came against me, too it's, fine it's. Well, taken care.

Of again, here they didn't see the alley they're going to put me here again here here here, I'm safe. A lot of people me. He has asked that on the day of the purge. He is looking for Trevor. So today I am going to look for him.

I am here in the desert, looking for Trevor to see if somehow I cannot purge him according to me here for Trevor, I am not here arriving at Trevor's house, and he listened his voice. A red dot is angry. And there is a dot it's. Okay, he's seeing well here for this reason hide in this. Cactus that behind this cactus I don't, see it where it is and three accelerates Wayne's purge or opening and then appear. Ce, it will be the hospital until it moved.

It does not go against the super powerful. It also just turned me into the girl of the purge wave or of the squid, or they do not provide because I think that now, yes. Now it will be easier like this I'm going to play grab this place, throw it in the air, although you can't, wait 2 against me, all against me, all against the line, how do I grab. This look grab now. Yes, already, grab a lady.

Bye lady, eyes, all like a ghost and one the purge, threw it. He grabbed it. He threw it there. Furthermore, he can increase it he's going to grab this one. Sorry, friend, happy, purge children.

You can throw them. Now you can explode I, bring the girl's powers it's that I imagined that one of you was going to end the curiosity of wanting to play with this cute. Well, it's, this play it's this.

Ok, I, don't know, what's happening. And the bullet spits something out you have. Some kind of disease or I, don't know what this is are his powers either. He came back with the normal character. And that was int You're interested in playing with the girl, You know, I'm, good right now in this area that is more dangerous than today with this truck. We see what we have here.

And if it dares laws and the squid games, or it's about a squid or sauce in squid, I'm finally, escaping. But since the city is located at different points. And as enemies they go here, some will run over him. The.

Coarse is the annual celebration, I'm, sorry, it's. Not personal this day. Nothing is personal it's. Just the annual celebrations fictitious way of the purge I can already imagine someone today, because your videos of the purge is a game get over it. Well, here is the playboy mansion. And here the purge is celebrated, I, don't know, let's find out we don't exist.

Right now. The celebrations here look at this one I, wasn't celebrating I grabbed it I caught it red-handed here. The annual celebrations continue. Don't give the purge let's, see I'm going to show up. They see me with this who is this is a firefighter. There was a firefighter. The annual celebrations continue.

They are coming to different enemies. He has a green submachine gun. They even have custom submachine guns for this day, see they bring different weapons as I connected to checkmark. The devil I will do and win.

And the girl continues. This is immortal. This one shoots her if you shoot her and nothing happens, they saw that and a very strange. Enemy appeared they celebrate very strongly. The purge way is full of enemies.

It seems to me that this is Michael yes, it's. True. It's. Michael he dressed up blessed, Michael, if he quotes it's like Halloween or what's up with this, they all dressed up it's Macon.

He has a mustache, and they almost killed me, and they almost killed me. He is well. The good thing is that when I cover myself my life regenerates, and there is the purge bro. It is the annual event of the purge. And there are enemies everywhere. And there are enemies everywhere, but I think that here I am something safe Ghanaians are well worried it's like general.

Here he shoots her it's, not explosive she's, not using the girl she came looking for me. She came looking for me the mother and for the mother that if she kills me I thumb on we, she purged me the money that I don't know what it's called he purged me, okay, I'm leaving the hospital. The purge continues, and I have to take revenge, that's, the enemy, I don't have to take revenge on that. Monkey he's the enemy of this video I said, I'm, looking for him. This has gotten more interesting. They purged me once quietly, Jesus, they have surrounded me in the hospital. But if they let me I cover myself, if it came from behind seen only that here one finger here, some be careful until here hidden.

It is a woman these magic. And a lady sent us. The date lady. What did I do to you? Because they want me a thumb is my chance you haven't seen me in the most seen I'm going to throw this, an explosive I think. It's my way it's, my way of defending myself I think the only way to finish them with this special explosive is there. You hit the small thing that separates and a dose exploded.

And it exploded I almost died. I think I survived I think I survived I was the one who purged everything they tried, but I was the one who purged electron sales on the p urge it's over just the purge is over how good that was very interesting us. These characters had never seen us in GTA I, don't know what to say until here, I'm. Going to leave this I hope you liked it leave your like for more videos, their clients. If you don't, you've subscribed I'm dead. Now, yes, I'm leaving bye.