How To Use The Optical Slave Modes On Your Flash - Understanding Speedlites

Hey, everyone shows here in today's video, I won't, explain the difference in the optical slave modes on your speed light and why. And when you may want to use one over the other so let's hop in here and get to this, hey, gang, just a quick reminder. If you want to help support my channel using my affiliate links down the description below it's, a great way to do that without any extra cost to you if you're looking for the absolute best photo and video, accessories I have a number of curated list on Amazon. A gear that I use and highly recommend.

Okay, everyone. Welcome back. Well, let's first start talking between difference between regular slave mode, which normally slave one, almost speed lights and your optical, uh, slave mode 2, which is your pre flash cancellation mode. Now, your regular slave mode, which works. But what you'd think it would the speed light sees the flash it fires?

Okay? Well, slave mode tune is what's called a pre flash cancellation. And what happens a lot of times your speed light or your. Camera which send off a couple of strobes to try to get focus in a bit better and slave mode 2 will help cancel that.

So let me demonstrate slave mode 1 here on this you all new and let you see it now I have it set to slave 1, but do keep in mind. You want it to be able to see this now I'm in a small studio. So I could actually point these in two different directions and there's. Nothing like bounce around.

It was still trickling, but if you're an outdoor environment or a large a studio or say, we're at a. Wedding or something in a large church so another or event hall, and you may want to have this point towards the direction your flashes coming from. So we make sure I got this room turned on its own slave one and for hearing, for example, I'm going to use another speed light.

Now you fire this. Well, it is fired in there. It fired that's what you expect. However, not everybody can afford to speed wise.

We turn this one off and said that there now let's use Papa. Now, this camera is set up by default. So when you. Go to take focus on anything it fires fuel. Strobes look.

See. What happened this fired off it didn't today. Didn't take a photo, but it did fire off a single, uh or strobe with shots. They kind of get a good. Focus course, I had my hand over the front. So it can't get focus what you notice every time.

This one does that its strengths far as your stroke. Now, this may cause some issues because your strobe might not be able to keep up. And for example, I've got mine on 120th power. So it is able to keep up in. This example, however, it's going to cause some issues taking photos. And you may need this to get me, oh, good, uh, you know, focused incorrectly that's when you want to go over here and put this one, a slave to mode, locks its slave to mode is pre flash cancellation. And since this is a pre flash it prevents that now I'll turn it back this duration will show you again, or you'll.

Notice, the pre flash isn't firing the speed light and knowing the main flash they wouldn't camera actually takes the photo is. Actually setting speed light off. So anyway, I hope that helps you out understand the difference between your slave mode, you regular slave motion with slave mode, 1 and slave mode 2, which is normally a pre flash cancellation mode. So anyway, hope this tutorial helpful if it is, how about give me a thumbs up, thumbs it's, always highly appreciated. And if you're not subscribed to my channel, no, please take the time.

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