Ea Banned 30,000 People, And You Should Be Worried Too!

What's up guys nepenthe here and welcome back to another FIFA 22 video today, guys, we are discussing uh and bringing attention to you guys, um, the issue with 30 000 accounts being banned, according to FIFA direct communication. And I want to kind of explain in this video as well, why you should be worried and why I should be worried as well, um, obviously, for those of you that use the no loss glitch. I think it's for people that actually abused the no loss glitch, rather than just use the no-loss glitch. But for those of you that used it and got banned, uh, you're banned for seven days and ea's official statement is we have identified over 30 000 active accounts that exploited, the issue consistently and have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for seven days, preventing them from participating in this week's for champions final read more about positive play charter here.

So I think, um, first, I think one thing that's key to note here is that they've ex. They've identified 30 000 active accounts. That have exploited the issue consistently, and that would suggest that if you did it by accident, you're probably not going to get banned.

If you did it a couple of times, you probably didn't get banned. But what I've had in my uh, Twitter, dms and feel free to follow me on Twitter, twitter.com, the panthers we get closing on that million followers, um. But what I've had a lot through Twitter dms was number one.

A lot of people messaging me telling me, hey, nip, I went 20-0. I've used the no-loss glitch loads. And I didn't get banned, and I've had a lot of people very adamant that they did not use the no loss glitch, and they did get banned. And it was a bit weird to me or the first guy that said it, I thought all right, yeah, he's the kind of guy, that's like man, I swear, I didn't use it here. Wrongfully banned me, and he did use it, and he's just trying to.

I don't know, make himself feel better safe face or whatever doesn't want to just accept the responsibility and the consequences for what he's he did in game. But then I started seeing a few more and a few more and a few more. And I eventually got tweeted something that might clear up. Why people got banned that didn't use the no loss glitch and why this has quite honestly big implications for the general enjoyment of FIFA 22. However, this is the screenshot of what it looked like. If you tried to go into the console, it says, your account has been blocked for 1 000 days from this product due to a violation of ea's user agreement, please check your email for. More details, if you need further assistance, please scan the qr code to get access to advisors to help you with your problem.

Now, ea said that it was seven days, the email said, it was seven days. But the console says a thousand days now is this just going to be one of those things where after seven days you're back in. And this is an error, or it wouldn't surprise me with ea, is this going to be one of those things where you're actually blocked for a thousand days. And they've just rolled out some. Wrongful band set up and people that have used the no loss glitch are going to be banned for basically three years, um, like I can imagine that people, especially if you've spent money on your account or, you know, you've put time and energy into your account. I can imagine people are going to be really upset if they're suspended for a thousand days for using an exploit.

And yes, you've exploited the game sure, but using an exploit, the ea should have done better to fix. And I'll say that, and I. You usually, you know, I think well with exploits anyway, there are a lot of issues because there are a lot of things that people do by exploiting the game that they don't even know that they do by exploring the game. For example, you're not allowed to trade on FIFA. I don't know if you know that or not, but I don't know if they've changed the terms of service now.

But back in one of the FIFA, 16 north FIFA, 17 or FIFA, 18, uh, terms of services, like it was against term serve against terms of service to trade. Essentially the wording was a bit different, but it was a bannable offense it's also. And again, unless the um literature has changed recently, it's also against terms of service to have one more than one account. So for people that run a road to glory and a rich man account like myself, it's, essentially breaking terms of service. So you know, they chew they pick and choose when they uphold certain terms of service and that that's their prerogative right, it's their terms of service, um. But one thing. That's interesting about this.

And one thing that rose with the debate was, hey, this is ea's issue because this issue this no-loss glitch was discovered in the beta. It was put into the forums that exists and nothing was done about it. Now they've patched it.

Now they went viral if they patched it, they could have prevented this easily. So they have to take some accountability themselves as well for allowing this that had been noted in the game. Um. But the other thing is, you know, um, there are lots of. Other exploits that are consistently like violated, essentially, you know, what are they?

You know, exploited consistently, for example, the um squad battles glitches over the years, whether it's a standing still glitch, whether it's the making the AI play for you glitch, whether it's the um, getting the red cards against, you know, allowing the AI to get the red cards against you, so it's, an easier game there's a lot of people exploiting a lot of things in this game, um. And those don't get held accountable. So. It makes for an interesting question of if is something is going to be upheld, especially to the degree of 30 000 people being suspended, should everything be upheld, um. And that is, you know, that's maybe a question for another day. But the thing I want to really talk about today, which concerns me a lot is this here.

So somebody responded to me with his ban offense. And it says here, nobody likes a cheetah, so it's against our rules. Cheating can include, but isn't limited to using external tools, which.

Happens all the time by the way like another thing on the web app the amount of bots that will crawl the web app. The reason why you can't snipe players or items or cam to send them mid-cards or shadows, or anything like that anymore is because bots are just absorbing everything on the web app, but they don't do anything about that, because it hasn't gone viral right? Nobody likes cheaters so sew against our rules.

Cheating can include isn't limited to using external tools, abusing in-game glitches or. Bugs and that again is so um it's kind of so vague, right? The corner goal that I score regularly at the moment is that a glitch or a bug right is the timed green finesse shot from the top of the bog box, a glitch or a bug, because they just to go in too much are as spamming through balls glitches and bugs, what's. What counts as abusing an in-game glitch or bug? I don't know, but it continues.

And you can't see it here because it's hovering up, let me try to show it there for you. It says, it's against. Our rules to intentionally lose matches to benefit, an opponent or to play somebody else's matches for them, it's against our rules to intentionally lose matches to benefit, an opponent this year. I think the foot champs and the champs playoffs.

And the rival structure is the best it has ever been I'm, not saying, it's perfect. It still needs some work, but it's the best it has ever been in my opinion. And so now that when some people said to me, nip, I promise you, I haven't done the no loss glitch. But I've. Been banned could it be that the people that got to like eight wins and then gave away 12 wins, but got to five wins in playoffs and gave away four wins that go into rivals don't want to ascend the divisions. So they start giving wins away to stay in a certain division and still pick up their seven wins.

Could it be that those people also got banned and further more going forwards? I think we had a great community feel there you had your toxic person still here or there that would go into a game. Like let's say, you've got 12 wins in champs. You've got three games left. You can't get 16 wins. The community as a general was going in giving wins to their opponents. Just in case, they needed a win for another rank, getting their extra points and getting their awards.

Some people would go in and just back straight out and wouldn't give a win, um. But we generally created a really positive community environment in regard to getting what you want, and then giving the rest away right and it. It felt. Like for the first time, even more so than the golden goal situation, it felt like a true sense of community everyone's here for the same thing.

We all just want to get what we want and then move on. And if that's possibly great, and if it's not then work harder to get what you want, you know, for people that just want to get to eight wins and don't want to play the rest out, but still want those points for the losses, they're doing a nice thing by giving up the wins, if there's a chance that you're. Getting banned for giving away wins in champs playoffs or rivals or anywhere else for that matter, if you know, even this new event that came up yesterday, uh, where you can get a mega pack for four wins in the new, um life of friendly. You get 14 attempts if you win your first four and then go in and be a pleasant guy and give away 10 wins for the last 10 games that you got left, you might end up getting banned for that. And all that's going to do now is created a really toxic environment because people. Will be scared of getting banned, so they're going to stop giving away win.

So they're just going to back out instead, instead of giving away when they're just going to forfeit the match. So now they haven't. Uh, intentionally lost a match to benefit an opponent. They've just lost the match. And the opponent has to go again, and it's.

A really really really poor thing in my opinion from ea to uh to kind of if is they're going to be banning people for or giving out wins when they're done with their. Requirements, um, so it's a little concerning. I won't lie guys, it's going to be interesting to watch that space over the next uh days weeks and months.

But that is it for today. I just wanted to bring that guys to your guys' attention have a little chat about that. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below if you guys did enjoy this video, be sure to like rating comments, subscribe to my channel, if you haven't already and for now, guys I'm out peace.