Cooler Master Caliber R2 Gaming Chair Review

So cool mass has released. Another gaming chair of the caliber lineup and don't get confused because this one is not the caliber r1. This is the latest caliber r2 that got released couple of months ago, and they actually changed a lot of things with this one. So in this video I will be giving you my honest opinion about this chair after using it for about a week from now, and I'm, not a big reviewer or something at least not yet, so I will be giving you. My one percent opinion since I actually paid for.

This chair and I will be telling you all the good stuff and all the bad stuff about this chair and basically guys I will be covering almost everything that you need to know before you go out and actually buy this chair. So yeah, now first case, let's, talk about the things that I really don't like about this chair and the things that you really need to know about this chair like, you know, what are the cons of this chair? So first thing is the armrest. It wobbles a lot of guys.

You should know, it's, actually. Wobbling I mean, even if I like, you know, put my arm on it. And this good thing about this is its adjustable, and it's, not a big deal though, but it wobbles a lot even though it's, like, you know, when you put it low outside it's going to wobble a little. But when you put it up like, you know on the maximum height, it's kind of wobble a lot. So that thing I really don't like and everything else on the armrest it's, completely fine it's, really comfortable.

But the only thing I'm concerned about is that it. Wobbles a lot. And the second thing is even worse, you guys see there's a cover on the side that actually covers the metal part like, you know, the joint, and it's horrible like literally it's a plastic cover I'm it's, fine if it's plastic, but it's never fit like, literally it's hanging on it with just two plugs or something like that there's, not even a screw I mean, cooler master could have done it. Ten times better, even like 20 times better because it's just a plastic cover. And on both side, it's just. Hanging on to plebs, and you guys can see it's moving a lot. And really if I just like, you know, pull it a little more with like, you know, with more folds, it's, just going to come off, and I really don't want to do that, because guess what it doesn't fit again because I need to put some paper in it to make it fit, and it's just not good at all I mean, I don't know why?

Maybe I got a defective piece of it, but I don't think. So because those two plugs are completely fine, but it just never fit. So now let's. Move on and let's talk about the cushion that is inside. And you guys might see some gaps between the cushion, and it's, not smooth. You see on the bottom, it's smooth, but on top and there's. One thing that is a dent I mean, I'm, not sure why I mean it's, not on the boat side.

It must be a dent, and it's, not on the left side. So on the right side, but there is a dent on the left side. And this must be a manufacturer defect. And it really doesn't bother me that much, but still there's a thing.

And that I should. Really point out while making this video and everything else nice works. Absolutely fine with this chair, it's so smooth and really on the backside, you see everything is smooth, but there's, just some gaps of the cushion that are on the chair. And the main part like in a way you actually rest your back. So that really needs to be fixed.

I mean, I'm, not sure and again, that's, just my personal opinion. And one thing I really I would say, it's, just like again, personal opinion about the cushion that like you. Know, the head cushion where you rest your head, it's quite big, okay, but there's. One thing that is so confusing when I remove it I feel like I really need to put that cushion back on the chair. And when I have if it's, actually, like, you know, it feels kind of a big, so it's, just like, you know, I may be any time to get used to it, but it's, a's completely fine, it's, really well-built. And all things are pretty good.

So now let's talk about the feature and the build quality I really want to point this. Thing out, okay, the build quality is amazing. You guys can see the leather on the chair it's, not actually a real leather, but still it's kind of a leathery feel stuff.

And it feels incredible. Okay. And you might not need to sit on the chair for so long, unless you have air-conditioned room, because it gets really hot. Okay, I'm just going to tell you it gets really hot and the build quality even on the cushion and on the chair it's.

So good, it feels so nice, even the armrest feels nice. And there are some zips on. The back maybe it's, four, I mean, I, haven't used it yet, but still maybe it's for the like, you know, it's so replacing not the cushion sorry, the cover of the chair I'm, not sure, but still, and the stand is made of full metal, literally guys apart from the chair. You sit. Everything else is made of metal, not the armrest, but everything else is full metal. And that is super sturdy metal. And it is so good.

And you guys can also adjust the height of your liking and I think that's a common thing in gaming. Chair and what you should expect from all the gaming chairs, but still for the price I paid 230 bucks that is amazing for a chair. And one thing guys I really don't like, and I'm going to point that out again, because the chair is, absolutely fine. I will take the dents I will take everything. But this thing on the back, the plastic part that covered is a metal that covers the joint it's horrible like actually if I pull it with a little more force like even my cat can remove it. And it takes. Minutes to get it back on, and I use a paper clip to actually make it fit.

So that is I don't like and apart from the height adjustment and the armrest adjustment there's, one more thing that you can do with this chair. And it can't actually do this. You guys probably heard of the PewDiePie's meme. And this shirt can actually tilt up to 90 degrees and I don't have room in my chair. I mean, you guys can see it. It barely fits between my desk and um I can just only hold it this way.

And it actually goes all. The way to 90 degree and its folks find it you won't feel anything like, you know, like it's gonna break or something this super sturdy, and it will just work. Absolutely nice. And again, guys, the build quality is amazing. And the color I, really like the purple color. You guys can probably say from the background I have the RGB sand stuff on the PC and everything is purple.

So this may represent honest review as an average consumer and gamer about this new cooler, master caliber, r2 gaming chair and I. Biggest find this very useful, and I'm, not going to be small-time guys. So please subscribe, if you guys are new to my channel. So I'm going to stop for me, I'll catch you guys on the next one peace out.