Car Update And Words From Jesus In The Spirit - War Is Coming, Stock Up Get Supplies

Hi guys, um, I hope you're having a wonderful blessed day today. So I wanted to come and share an update about the vehicle situation and share some things that my husband heard spoken to him in a spirit. So the car situation is I want to thank you guys.

The ones of you that did help us with some money towards a down payment. We ended up at this place that actually worked with us. And we gave them our down payment. And we were there for six hours with the baby.

And I don't know, I was weird about it at. First because they gouge us in a car payment, they waited for hours and hours and hours like, oh, okay. Verify this a lot of things I had to I'd forget and some of the things that we did bring paperwork, didn't show certain things. So we had to sign.

I had to sign online and show this and that the other thing. But in the end, we were blessed with a car that has good gas mileage and is not chatty, chatty bang, bang, down the road. And so I just thank god. I praise god. And I, thank you guys. And um, I was. So nervous, I am still kind of nervous about the car payment.

It has to be made every two weeks and the full you have to have full coverage insurance and all that, so I'm just like, but you have to have a car to get to work, and you have to pay your bills. So, um, so I'm like nervous about this right because we were already living strapped before. And now with this. I mean, you know, it's anyway, but um, the lord was talking to john, uh, a few nights. And he came out of the house because we had just had this. Conversation about, you know what we need to switch around in our finances, you know, more hot dogs that type of thing, you know and, um. And then he walked in the house I was out in the garden.

And then I walked in the house, and then he was walking out the door. And he started speaking to me to these words. And I said, the lord get spoken your spirit, huh? And he said, yes, and what the lord told him was I give thee thy gifts. I give thee thy gifts, and I knew, and he said, I knew that the lord was referring.

To the car, the baby, our garden is a gift, you know, all these things that are around us, they're gifts from god down to the littlest tiny thing when you are a son or a daughter in Christ, Jesus. He any little thing is given by god and there's people that god puts in your life to help you and or other ways that he helps you. So and then it's like john was thinking, well, maybe he's saying not to worry about, um so much don't, let your heart be troubled so much about the extra payments and stuff.

Like that so, uh, anyway, I just thank god. And thank you guys and um. And I just put my trust and faith in the lord that's that's. What I've been doing my most of my life just so, um and then another thing, uh, he came back in. He was like, you know, I haven't told you, but the lord has spoken to me a few other things too. And I said, well, what?

And now he does not listen to what I say, um, when I'm on the phone with someone or when I'm, you know, if I have a dream I'll, just be like, I had a dream for. The lord last night, I won't, really, I either don't tell him what it is or he's. I don't know, but he's, uh, not hanging on every single word. I say about things or my dreams or other people's dreams. He doesn't listen to the YouTube. He barely knows how to work the internet. But he said that the lord told him that war was coming and that he needed to have a level mind to deal with what was coming and that he said that food shortages were coming.

And because I still asked the lord like the lord told me. That my husband's that my husband would he would use my husband to confirm the things that the lord had shown me in dreams or speaking to me, and he works with john on a level, that's a he talks to john on a level, that's different from me. And I think that's because, um, he's just more not involved like he doesn't he's, not impressionable he's. I don't know, it's just he's loyal. He's, I don't know how to explain it, but he's, not listening to all the stuff on the internet he's, not his mind hasn't.

Already been, you know made up on things. Other people have said, he's, just there like I don't know how to explain it, but um. And so he told john that to have keep having a level mind or have a level mind or something because of what is coming. So I think that we're going to be seeing some things which is not going to be the tribulation, um. But I know we are going to be seeing some things before we leave. And that is why the lord told me to stock up.

And I know people say, well, we're not going to be here. For none of that there's going to be another quarantine, there's going to be war, there's going to be some things that happen before we leave. And I just think it's a good idea. Excuse me, if you can too little by little, uh store up some things like groceries or and gas and toiletries and things like that. And I know some of you might be on a fixed income, how I'm how am I going to do this?

Well, ask the lord he will help you, um, you know, always have like an extra month or two supply of your medicine. If. You can, um just things like that. And the lord also told my husband, he couldn't sleep.

One night. So he turned the TV on the lord told him to turn to a certain station number. So he got the remote turned it to that station.

And it was a televangelist station or something. And god said, look at this person. And my husband can't, remember his name. And I try to google him. I can't find him.

But John said that the man was like overweight had black hair had either a British or Australian accent and was. Young and the lord told him that he was extremely upset about what this man was doing and that it was pure evil. And I guess what this man was doing like the lord explained it to him or like downloaded, I don't know, my husband doesn't articulate things that good.

But this man is going around trying to say that Jesus never die. Never rose again. And because the Catholic Church has supposedly found bones in a tomb that are supposedly Jesus's that the lord Jesus never rose again and that it's a lie and. That the bible he's trying to go around and put doubt and refute the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and if Jesus never wouldn't have resurrected, we would not have salvation if he wouldn't have died and rose again. None of us would have sins put into remission. None of us would be forgiven.

And I guess the lord was like see this man, he is of the devil look at what he's doing to me, look at how he's stomping on the blood. So I wanted to share that with you guys and um that there's a lot of. Antichrist out there, they do not believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and they're going around teaching heresy they're, an antichrist spirit.

But um. So okay, let's see the car. Um war is coming, um, antichrist spirit and yeah, so that's about it. But we are going to be leaving soon whether it is a month from now. All this starts happening, or I don't know, you guys, I don't know, I just know that things that the lord had given me dreams about two three. Four years ago are coming to pass right now. Uh in the political arena, and with other countries, things are moving so fast and America is on borrowed time.

This world is on borrowed time, and it's going to get bad. So you know, stay in Jesus Christ, Stan or not stay in him. You'll always be in him, but just lean upon him and don't be afraid just know that things are coming and just to lean upon him and know that everything will be. Okay.

All right? I love you guys and god, bless you.