Andrea's Virtual Birthday 2020

Do, hi Andrea, 56 years ago, a beautiful child was born and renamed her Andrea, and we were so happy to have her as our child, and I'm still happy. Today. We love you very, very much. Bye.

Happy birthday, hey, Andrea, hi. Andrea. Kevin Jan. Happy birthday have a happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day today. Thank you for all that you do for us. We love you we miss you.

We hope your day is filled with joy may god, bless, you have a incredible time in the lord, and we will see you soon have a lot of fun you're. Getting older though, but god loves you, we love you too, but I have to put that in there because I'm the baby love, you're old, but still have fun special happy birthday. Andrea each year. We celebrate our birthdays together either on vacation to some foreign country, a cruise at your house at my house.

This year 2020, covert 19 has resulted in us coming up with an idea as how to celebrate our birthdays. Well, Andrea, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday, my incredible friend, god has blessed us. With this incredible friendship, I want you to know that I love you and I care about you. You are the sister after my own heart. I thank you for being such a incredible friend may god, bless you your ministry and bless you with many more birthdays and like the song says, thank you for being a friend travel down the road. And back again, your heart is true you're, a pal and a confidant may god, bless you.

Andrea, bless you, bless you, bless you. Thank you for being. My friend have a incredible birthday. I am. Video taken to my favorite girl in the world. I just wanted to let, you know, something I never told you this before I'm telling you.

Now I love you first, you know, I've always told you that, but it's that season that time of year that fall where we can do apple picking and pumpkin carving and just making soups and stews and just the warmth of the family. But I tried so hard to have that baby come out on October 27th when they started. I mean, when she started having contractions, I asked the. Doctor can you deliver her now, which was like a Sunday night almost 19 years ago. I think it was a Sunday, and he said, they only deliver babies on. He only has these sections on the on a Wednesday. So she had to come on 31st, but I actually wanted her to come on the 27th that's.

I asked my baker, I said, please, you know, so they wanted to fly my husband in at the time and then deliver her. So, but he only did it on Wednesdays. And I really did want her to come on the 27th. I thought that would have been so. Special, I never told you that before, but I really wanted that to happen, but happy birthday enjoy your time. 57 feels like heaven. You will enjoy 56.

Love you in a family full of characters, loving smart, funny cousin. Andrea, you stand out among them. I know this year has not been easy for anyone. But seeing you get through your work battles and your health battles has been extremely inspirational. And I know that god has been with you every step of the way I try to take your strength and your ability to. Stay positive and still give love and positivity to others as an example on how to you know, behave myself. I can't wait to hug you in real life, but know that I'm always there for you, you're, always in my thoughts.

I love you and happy birthday, hi, Andrea, it's joy. And Howard, we have a birthday jazz song to sing for you because we know you love. Jazz, we miss you, and we love, you are happy 56th birthday. Here. We go happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear, Andrea, happy birthday to you. We.

Love, you are happy birthday, we hope you're staying safe during this pandemic. We hope to see you soon and enjoy your day. Happy birthday, bye-bye, hey, Andrea, it's, a beautiful Friday afternoon, I hope that you will enjoy your blessed birthday.

I am happy that the lord allows you to see another's perfect day on your perfect day that you were born. You take care of yourself. Enjoy your birthday. Happy birthday, happy birthday, Andrea hope it will be a special one for you this year. Um, we know with covet going on. And and everything crazy in the world right now, um, you're, local, you're, local, you're, not on your magical end of us with your birthday like you are usually every year, um. So you get to celebrate it with us this year.

Oh, yeah, it's by staying local. Yeah, exactly. So, um, we for you just a special one this year, we know as cleric says, you know, we just know that it's different this year, but as usual, you know, you're always special. And we hope that this one will be very, very special for you. And we want to. Thank you so much for all your help with the newborns and um, all the trips that you made for us and stuff. So, um, yeah, just enjoy the day, and we'll be around to celebrate it with you covet style.

Yes, happy birthday love. You alrighty. Take care talk to you later, bye. Bye.

Bye, happy birthday, Andrea, wow, I'm, sitting here, trying to remember where we met. And I think it was in 2002 or 2003 at the focus ministries singles retreat up at Eddie farm. I remember that first encounter, and I was so inspired.

By you, I remember you invited me to come back. So I took so many pictures and inviting me to come back to be part of the short shot, photography team. And I got a chance to get to know you even better. Let me just say that very quickly from then until now you have been a true inspiration to me. I have noticed a couple of things I noticed that you always seem to find the silver lining, no matter what challenge you're facing. I noticed that you're very intentional too about pursuing your goals.

And. Bettering yourself your skills, you know, with toastmasters and doing presentations and sermons, I noticed that you are also very intentional about pursuing your dreams from traveling the world and that's inspired me to do. Likewise, you've also been a friend. I know I recently called on you, and I needed some advice, and you prayed with me first. And then you gave me such wise counsel. Thank you so much for being an inspiring person for encouraging me. And so many others to live a life of purpose and.

Service and passion, and I am just truly, truly honored to call you friends. So may god consider all your steps and I do truly pray that this is a very, very happy birthday. I love, you bye-bye, hi Andrea. This is Carolina. I just wanted to say happy birthday and may god continue to bless you and keep you love. You bye.

Happy birthday, auntie, Andrea, hope you have a good birthday. Happy birthday. We love. You are happy birthday. We miss.

You can't, wait to see you on Deandre bye. Bye, two, three, happy birthday, auntie, Andrea, I hope you have a great birthday as you are a wonderful woman of god. Thank you for helping me over the years and all you've done for me. And I hope you enjoy your great day. Your great big day. Thank you and god, bless happy birthday. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to I love.

You are too happy birthday. Andrea happy birthday my best friend wishing you all the best as you celebrate another incredible year, continue to keep your eyes stayed on god, especially during this. Season true, no matter what know that he promised he will never leave you nor forsake.

You enjoy your birthday. We love you MAH. And as you always say, stay focused, love, you appreciate you all you do long time friend of ours. And we just want to wish you god's richest blessings as you face another year, uh, keep your hands in god's hands. And I know, we know that he'll take care of you. I love you, hi. Andrea.

Happy birthday. This is Jackie. I just want to wish you. The very best you're. My number one soul.

Sister, you are full of life energy, enthusiastic fun to be with a good vacation or partner, there's so much more to describe you, but you're, such a blessing to me and to so many. And I just want you to know that you are loved. And you are really a progress, 31 woman. So I want you to have a blessed birthday. Enjoy yourself. I know that this is, um pandemic season 2020. Life is different for every one of us now, but your grace and how you're going through.

This is very important. We pray for your help that you. Be well in the year to come that, god will continue to bless you and share his blessings on you. Thank you. My friend love, you bye-bye happy birthday, Andrea, um, just want to say. Thank you for inviting me to, um, you know, wish you happy birthday, I guess, but um, I want to say take time out for yourself and spoil yourself a little.

And also, um, remember to be thankful for the little things. So thank you and have a happy birthday bye. Hey, there it is. I am happy birthday happy. Happy. Happy.

Happy birthday love. You so much, I appreciate you, you are one of the kindest and generous and just kind-hearted people that I know, and I'm blessed to know you honestly and to have you as a client, um as a model. So I hope you are enjoying your day to the fullest. I hope that you are ready for everything that god has in store for you for this new year. This new season, um for the open doors that are coming your way. And I pray that you'll walk into them with the fierceness that you've always shown, um, god, bless you.

Enjoy it. To the fullest and a blast. Alright, love you so much. Bye, happy birthday. Andrea. We love you and miss you. We bought you a birthday dinner yum.

You can make pretend this is vegetarian hamburger. And your dessert happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear, Andrea, happy birthday to you make a wish bye. Happy birthday. Andrea happy birthday cousin.

We love you, and we miss you because happy virtual birthday actually, it is a real birthday. I mean, you're going to celebrate it. Virtually in.

But happy birthday to you, I can't sing, Obama sing. Anyway, happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear, Andrea, happy birthday to you love. You because looking forward to seeing you again, kiss, your mom for me and give my cousin, uh, uh, Jeffrey a hug. Okay.

Talk to you soon happy birthday, Andrea, all the way from Brooklyn, New York I'm, wishing you a lovely birthday, but lots of good food fun, lots of love and a blessed day from heaven above enjoy happy birthday, happy birthday to you happy. Birthday to you happy birthday, dear Andrea. And now that I love, you are happy birthday, Andrea may god, bless you with all your heart desire. You are so blessed and highly favored.

I love you bye. Good morning. Andrea, I realize I'm breaking all the rules, um, but I wanted to make sure that I sent you this video, um, I apologize for being late. I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays, um.

And I know this year has been tremendous in so many regards I'm. So glad that you're you're here to celebrate, um, And too just to see what else god has in store for you and that you will just continue to grow in his grace and love and mercy. And I want to say, thank you. Thank you for opening doors and sharing. What god is doing in my life for me. Thank you for introductions that you have made. Thank you for purchasing my books and sharing with others.

I want to know that I appreciate you love, you bye. Welcome to air, ooh, la, la, boarding flight, 10, 27, well, I can't wait to go on this trip. Happy birthday cousin.

Andrea. We. All love and miss. You are happy birthday cousin. Andrea, we love a nursery, ready for takeoff bye.

We just have a message for you. Andrea happy birthday, oh happy birthday to you happy birthday to you may you feel Jesus near every day of the year happy birthday to you all happy birthday to you the best that you've ever had happy birthday you.