01. Searching For Opportunity Beyond Institutional Norms

My main purpose now is that I it's, probably that recalcitrant in me that really doesn't like being pigeonholed pigeonholing other people, I don't, really like to accept just the norm of the way things have always been I should be and working in the finance industry. I, see so many big players if you like to have them, they have things fix the way that suits them. And you know, there's a lot of history behind there's, a lot of money behind them. There's political influence.

There are association type. Influences and sometimes it just suits them, I think finances as complex or something if not more so than kickboxing, and it's uniquely different for every single person. So being able to really optimize somebody's position, a lot of clients that we have a, you know, at this end of the scale, and then we've got some incredibly sophisticated clients as well.

All of them have the same ideals. I guess if they want to optimize things they want to make sure that in making the most of their money and the. Opportunities for them have been rather limited is not from a product perspective, certainly from an advice perspective. So the being corralled into a way of receiving advice and a way to invest their money or to sort out their finances, which is very, I would suggest institutionalized and there's a lot more opportunity out there than that and there are a lot of ways to actually further optimize or will take advantage of the legislative environment, the markets, the, you know, the tax system, the. Superannuation system all of those things.

These things that looked at collectively for a client. Then a lot can be done for the average person to I. Guess, tweak their position or optimize their circumstances and to let them make the most of what they're doing, and I guess, that's, really my passion is not so much just giving great service, but I like to feel that I can actually make a difference to make a difference in somebody's life by actually if they're willing, and if they're engaged and I. Actually want the advice they're, the people that I love to help. And you know, I guess pass on that educational or the learnings or all the tiny little things that trip you up that just come from experience. You know, in the industry night, I love, it's sharing my experiences whether it's from my, you know, later through life with whether it's report, my formal education in the industry, my practical application and then industry on a huge believer in giving practical financial advice, not just the. Constrained siloed, oh, by four or the institutional type advice, I like to give really practical advice that people can take all the options that are available to them mix them together and kind of come out with the optimal end result.

Again, you.